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Our entrepreneurial team offers innovation, business ideas and solutions that meet any needs in the digital field associated with the web environment. Marketing strategies, search engine marketing, social media development and social media marketing are our daily digital tai chi.
  Mission Statement

Infotheque Intl. is committed to deliver informed, media-savvy public relations services based on superior industry knowledge, the real understanding of issues that affect both - our clients and their customers - and a genuine enthusiasm for what we do.
  About Us

Imagine a cocktail of marketing strategies expertise, extensive search engine optimization (SEO)skills, regional understanding of consumer behavior, XX years of experience. Ad common sense and you got the foundation we build on for you!
We remodel our website during the weeks of February-March 2021. Our services are not impacted from this - we are here for you! Est. 2008 and going strong!
When I sees this video, I do not see the border and boundaries but I see our mother earth. No war, famine, destruction or disease. I see the beauty of peace.




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